When my daughter at age five started wheezing at random times I knew I had to do something! Her dad had childhood asthma and eczema so it was clear that this was a real possibility for her to develop this, too. She’s already had the eczema since birth.

Through my own experience and practice of coherent breathing I heard of the Buteyko method. I was relieved to find a practitioner in town and we both attended the group classes and practised the exercises. I have never looked back. My daughter’s wheezing vanished and so did her eczema and snoring – a welcome side effect! At school her reading ability jumped several levels and she seemed so much calmer and happier. I was blown away!

Children and parents attending a Buteyko courseThis experience led me to train as a Buteyko Practitioner myself. I went on to deepen my studies overseas to complete my knowledge and continue to do this. If i had one wish, it would be that all parents would know of the Buteyko method and end or at least ease their children’s asthma journey early on. This is why I started the Sponsor a Buteyko Course scheme on GiveALittle.

There are many families who suffer the effects of childhood asthma: cost of medicine, late night visits to the hospital, loss of income due to missed days at work, dropping school performance, clingy behaviour and just plain not having the happy childhood a child is supposed to have.

Consider giving a little to support a family with childhood asthma! Every dollar received  I match 1 to 1 – to give even more children the opportunity to become asthma free! Thank you!