Breathing Coach offers breathing retraining for health, performance and well-being based on well-founded knowledge in breathing physiology and behavioural science.


A grounded, informative assessment of 60-90 minutes is the foundation on you will build and compare progress with. During the assessment we will test for potential breathing dysfunction, determine the causes and extent of it, and discuss all remedial options available to you (whether on your own or with me).

Buteyko Breathing Courses

Buteyko courses are group courses aimed at learning healthy breathing using a method developed by Russian medical professor Konstantin Buteyko. This course can also be taught via Skype.

  • For adults and school-age children
  • Six week programme
  • Includes 6 x 90 mins (adults) or 6 x 60 mins (children) group sessions
  • Telephone support for the duration
  • In communication with GPs and physicians
  • CO2 and O2 measurements support the progress
  • Investment: $450 for children 5-16 years, $600 for adults
  • First session free


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions make use of whatever method will help you most to understand and learn healthy breathing behaviour. This option tends to be most useful for clients with long-term and/or complex breathing problems.

  • One-on-one, fully client-tailored programme
  • For adults and children
  • Often utilises CO2 or EMG biofeedback
  • Background material provided
  • In communication with GPs and physicians
  • Investment: $80 per session


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback Session

These are individual sessions aimed at restoring nervous system balance. The 60 minutes comprehensive assessment will provide insights into any imbalance present and options for training. Reports are available on request. A HRV biofeedback monitor can be hired for your individual practice at home.

Investment: $40 / 30 min, $60 / 45 min, $80 / 60 min


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback Massage

These individual sessions combine acupressure massage with biofeedback in a private, comfortable setting to achieve relaxation and rebalance the nervous system.

Investment: $80 / 60 min


Seminars and Public Speaking

Topics may include:

  • Dysfunctional and functional breathing and its effects on specific target groups, e.g. children, athletes, professionals, clients with cardiovascular conditions, anxiety, insomnia
  • The power of Heart Rate Variability for health, performance and well-being
  • Stages of healing
  • Investment by arrangement



  • Flexible and sliding scale arrangements possible
  • Travel to client home charged at $1 per km from clinic
  • This is an open-hearted, open-minded, and socially conscious business