After just a few sessions with Ines and learning how to breathe correctly with the diaphragm, I found that I was feeling so much better immediately. My general health and well-being improved considerably, and my body posture also has become vastly improved as a result. Perhaps the most interesting experience was being shown the immediate response of my body to my breathing and being given scientific results to take home. This validated my personal experience as hard evidential proof. Ines seems to possess that rare combination of a highly analytical and scientific mind, plus an innate warmth and capacity to show genuine compassion in her way of guiding me through the sessions. Her professionalism and quiet manner creates immediate trust and confidence. I whole-heartedly endorse this work and will encourage others to experience first-hand for themselves.
David Roberts

Just to let you know I have had a good day today, and feel the breathing exercises are big factor in helping me to get to this. If I feel a little nauseous I do the exercises and the nauseous feeling goes. Also I have been sleeping better. So I am very grateful to you for helping me in this, and look forward to seeing you again.
Elaine Utley

I have been working with Ines for the past 4 months after being diagnosed with a potentially serious heart condition. I have found the heart coherence method an extremely interesting and useful support for my usual medication and exercise programme. Using the method, my heart rate pattern has improved significantly from being erratic, shallow and uneven to a deeper, smoother and healthier pattern. Ines is skilled, gentle and very supportive in her teaching. Her explanations and her excellent computer graphs provide immediate feedback and guidance for my practice. I highly recommend Ines and her programme.
Helen Haslam

I did three sessions of heart coherence training with Ines and found it brought me to the same depth of experience as in some of my deeper meditations. In this sense it is a fantastic framework for those who cannot or have only briefly encountered these deeper states of holistic integration with breath, feeling and attention. I recommend Ines as clear and responsive therapeutic practitioner whose alignment is to the client’s highest sense of self. I am sure that more sessions for me with Ines would bridge and soften the gap between intuitive meditation and clinical treatment. I highly recommend her as a therapist in this framework.
Michael Owen

I was referred to the Buteyko Breathing Course by my GP. I enjoyed your presentation of the course. I am pleased with the progress that I have made with the course. Even now, I practise the exercises regularly. After 70+ years, habits do take a bit of changing. I believe that I am still gaining improvement regularly from the course.

I can now walk up the stairs to the upper floor of our home without puffing. During the last week, I have been working in the grounds of our home. On one day, I spent 8 hours outside weeding gardens and waterblasting.
I have reduced the Flixotide Inhaler dose by 50%. I have never used the Ventolin Inhaler. I firmly believe that the course has helped me greatly. Regards and Best Wishes,
Tony Cobb