As a breathing therapist I offer two main services: Breathing Biofeedback and Buteyko Breathing Therapy. While both lead to the same result – improved breathing with reduced symptoms – the question many clients ask is which service to choose. This post aims to provide some general background information on both types of service. Together we will choose the best option for you depending on the results of your individual breathing assessment, your preference and motivation.

biofeedback1Breathing biofeedback allows for monitoring of your breathing habits throughout the sessions. A sensor connected to the computer via a nasal cannula measures the CO2 concentration in the air you breathe out and the results can be observed on the screen in real time. This way we can also monitor breathing habits that usually remain undetected, for example aborted breaths and minute gasps. In progressive sessions you will be come intimately aware of your breathing and learn healthy breathing habits that you can verify on the screen. Key learning will be to adjust your breathing volume so that you can maintain balanced oxygen/carbon dioxide levels throughout the sessions and manifest that in your daily life.

After the 90 assessment, 6-10 sessions will be needed to retrain your breathing. As all sessions are 1-on-1, they can be scheduled to suit your needs and preferences. While some homework is required you can take it as fast or slow as suits your circumstances and motivation.

As part of my ongoing training as of Nov 2015 I still have spaces for case study clients in capnography biofeedback with a much reduced hourly rate of $20.

Breathing biofeedback sessions are the best option if:

  • breathing dysfunction is severe
  • you have multiple medium-severe symptoms, particularly when this includes anxiety
  • you have a keen interest in learning and increasing awareness about your body
  • you love to get a real-time feedback of what your body is doing on a computer screen (biofeedback)
  • you have a busy life and can’t or don’t want to commit to a set schedule of breathing exercises a day
  • you prefer the privacy of 1-on-1 sessions
  • you’d like to take advantage of very low fee sessions as a case study client


Buteyko Breathing courses often take place in a small group setting although 1-on-1 sessions are possible, too, even via Skype. It’s a six week programme with a set schedule: 4 sessions in the first week, 1 session in the second week and one session in week 6. Additional sessions can be booked as needed. An prior assessment is recommended but optional. The first session is always a free introductory session so you can get a handle on what it’s all about.

The programme covers dysfunctional breathing, its causes and effects, healthy breathing habits, the why and how of the Buteyko breathing exercises (we will do these together in every session), how to deal with potential cleansing reactions and any lifestyle changes that can support breathing retraining.

luka01The programme is tailored to children, teenagers, athletes and adults. My goal is to run small groups of up to 6 participants so that everyone gets a maximum of individual advice. If possible groups are formed with clients that have similar issues and needs so that learning also arises from the progress of others. Children derive benefit from a bit of healthy competition

A set of Buteyko exercises need to be performed everyday for the duration of the programme in order for benefits to be realised. A daily practice of 30-60 minutes is required but can be spaced througout the day in small blocks. A bit of discipline and perseverance supports this. Many clients with busy jobs have completed the programme successfully – don’t let your busyness get the worse of you!

The advantage is that the exercises are extremely effective with results apparent on the second or third day. It is not unusual for clients to drop reliever medication or stop snoring within the first week of the programme.

The Buteyko programme is the best choice:

  • for most children, teenagers, all athletes and adults with few symptoms
  • if you would like to reduce symptoms very quickly – within a few days
  • if you prefer the joy and camaraderie that comes when we learn with others in a group
  • if you would like to meet others with similar issues and symptoms and learn from their progress
  • if you are not able to see me in person and would like to engage via skype
  • if you have heard of the success of Buteyko therapy from friends and family and feel that this is the right thing for you, too
  • if you would like to take advantage of more cost effective group sessions


I hope this post answers some of the questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any concerns you might still be holding.